H-NOX Properties

H-NOX is a unique, stable and non-reactive heme-binding protein family with tunable affinity for oxygen


Individual products can be designed for different levels of physiologic oxygen need

Reduced reactivity of oxygen-bound H-NOX with nitric oxide (NO), the body’s natural vasoregulator, results in a negligible risk of hypertension

H-NOX Products

H-NOX products are sized for optimal efficacy


Individual products are engineered with desired circulation half-lives and tissue penetration profiles


Lead candidate OMX-4.80P delivers oxygen deep into the tumor microenvironment


OMX-4.80P extravasates across disrupted vasculature and diffuses through tumor tissue

Unlike red blood cells, which release oxygen at physiologic (venous) oxygen levels, OMX-4.80P retains oxygen until it reaches hypoxic microenvironments